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maandag 28 mei 2007

Time To Go Home

Michael Franti & Spearhead, Club Paradiso, Amsterdam, Dec 14 2006. Awesome concert, just awesome, including afterwards, when he wandered in and started dancing/chillin'/talking with those who were cooling down. Never got around to posting it, so here it is. (Quality is so-so, since I shot it with my phone)

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donderdag 17 mei 2007

XOLO.TV Archive: Naomi Watts

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Magically Mobile

dinsdag 15 mei 2007

WatchMe @ XOLO.TV 100

This one's special. Vlogalicious, if you will.

(I dropped a 16:9 video into a 4:3 encoder, so there ;))

Teeth make-up

zaterdag 12 mei 2007

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My 'Moment of Zen' from a few weeks ago.