"It's not TV, stupid, it's a vlog."

woensdag 25 juli 2007


"A special episode with Mindcaster Marc who attended the MINI UNITED FESTIVAL 2007 in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. It was exactly a year ago that Marc got to co-host the show (see episode 62 in our archives) and he did a pretty good job, so we thought we'd give him some more download-time this year. Hope you guys enjoy the show! Shownotes: "Oriol TV", "Sustainable Rotterdam", Onsustain.com and Oriol Pasqual's personal blog."

Originally on watchme.xolo.tv.

vrijdag 20 juli 2007

Angry Americans

Rightly so...

vloggerconImpeachbush.org sums up the crux of it, for those who are still clueless. Or brainwashed by the lies.

Ps, Jon Stewart is always on it, to the point and poignant, but I heart Sean Penn's way of putting it, on Bill Maher's show.

dinsdag 10 juli 2007

Sand, Sun & Zen

Dedicated to Alexx & Renate.


dinsdag 3 juli 2007

zondag 1 juli 2007

Concert at Sea 2007

The last 3 months we worked our way towards Concert at SEA 2007, both delivering the tech goods for CAS TV and producing work-in-progress vlogs. Well, last weekend it all took place and we had an amazing time. Even those of us who had to work..and I was not one of them. I got to relax, enjoy the atmosphere created by over 55.000 people, and, of course, the concert.

With a beer in one hand, a (phone)camera in the other, my girlfriend by my side for moral support, and access to all, I had the opportunity to vlog all kinds of stuff going on backstage. I shot about 1.5 gb of footage, so I chopped it all up. Here's part 1. More to follow soon.

maandag 25 juni 2007


I was invited to the MINI UNITED FESTIVAL 2007 (June 22-24) in Zandvoort last weekend, got the so called starter kit, and my girlfriend (MINI Cooper afficionado) and I took off on Saturday. We weren't dissapointed, so say the least. Here's an excerpt from the DJ party that night:

Footage of the whole day is to follow next week on watch.xolo.tv.

donderdag 14 juni 2007

iRecord life around a picture

I post my pics on Flickr. Snap, snap, flickr, flickr. In this particular case I posted a picture of me testing iRecord, and recommending it when using iSight. Anyhoo, I thought I'd post the sequence of that video recording test, emphasizing, perhaps, the silliness and how -off the cuff- these moments really are. Then again: is it worth mentioning/posting about this here? I don't know. Perhaps.

I do know I often feel the desire to post anything when I got a lot of stuff on my mind and want to clear my head, even with something like this. And I didn't even use the excuse of just having to try out the latest video posting feature of draft.blogger. Sigh, oh well.

In preview the video did show up, but after publishing: error. Problem uploading video. Then a referral to report the bug showed up in a pop-up, clicked on it and found out this section doesn't provide a place to actually drop the error information. Only FSP's..Frequently Submitted Problems (my name for it). Sigh again.

In case some techy is reading this: couldn't upload this;
Blog Id:6374754653459293996
Video Id:1f9a23e2dec05e13

Update2: to still make some sense of this blog post, I'll try to republish the video the regular way and include it here.