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donderdag 14 juni 2007

iRecord life around a picture

I post my pics on Flickr. Snap, snap, flickr, flickr. In this particular case I posted a picture of me testing iRecord, and recommending it when using iSight. Anyhoo, I thought I'd post the sequence of that video recording test, emphasizing, perhaps, the silliness and how -off the cuff- these moments really are. Then again: is it worth mentioning/posting about this here? I don't know. Perhaps.

I do know I often feel the desire to post anything when I got a lot of stuff on my mind and want to clear my head, even with something like this. And I didn't even use the excuse of just having to try out the latest video posting feature of draft.blogger. Sigh, oh well.

In preview the video did show up, but after publishing: error. Problem uploading video. Then a referral to report the bug showed up in a pop-up, clicked on it and found out this section doesn't provide a place to actually drop the error information. Only FSP's..Frequently Submitted Problems (my name for it). Sigh again.

In case some techy is reading this: couldn't upload this;
Blog Id:6374754653459293996
Video Id:1f9a23e2dec05e13

Update2: to still make some sense of this blog post, I'll try to republish the video the regular way and include it here.

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